Hello from Haffez Ahmad

Hello and welcome to my website, my name is Hafeez Ahmad and I am a disability athlete and coach competing in sprinting and long jump, and coaching the next generation of disability athletes at SportCity Manchester.

My website will track my story and develop sponsorship opportunities.

A special message from Haf:

“I am sure you can understand during the current situation of COVID-19, it is a very difficult time for children, especially those that are suffering from disabilities. For this reason, I humbly ask that if any visitors to my site have the capacity to sponsor my coaching programme, it would be a real boost to some of the children I coach as it will allow me to give back to the children I coach. I am certain that with some help, I can make a difference during these difficult times.”

Please visit my just giving page if you would like to support my programme……

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

Hafeez Ahmad



My current achievements:

Lancashire county championships Long JumpĀ  (F37) 2018. 3m 40cm 1st in class

Northern Championships Able-bodied Long Jump (2018) 3m 40cm

Para-Success 2018 Long Jump (F37) 3m 40cm 1st in class

Warrington Medal Meeting 2018 (F37) Long Jump 3m 40cm 1st in class

Manchester Open Meeting 2018 (F37) 60M Sprint 8.0 seconds 1st in class

Southport Medal Meeting 2018 (F37) 60M Sprint 8.0 seconds 1st in class